Welcome to OCMMA

OCMMA is a MultiMedia Association committed to helping you succeed by

  • Building Technical Competence
  • Creating Opportunities to Showcase Your Skills
  • Expanding Networking & Collaboration
  • Empowering Professional Development

All within an environment of fun and camaraderie.

OCMMA User Groups

OCMMA is the non-profit sponsor and umbrella organization for 2 officially sponsored Adobe User Groups. These groups are separated into different areas of multimedia: Digital Media Creatives covers the tech, creativity, and business of multimedia and Digital Video/After Effects Abuser Group handles video effects, 3-D, and complex editing. We raffle off one-year memberships of Adobe Creative Cloud twice per year, per user group.

Recent Posts

Digital Media Creatives:

NEW INCOME STREAM – FREE ADMISSION – FREE ONE-YEAR MEMBERSHIP Becoming an Adobe Stock Contributor $$$ Mike McGready and Ivan Taylor will introduce us to a new money making opportunity...