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OCMMA is a MultiMedia Association committed to helping you succeed by

  • Building Technical Competence
  • Creating Opportunities to Showcase Your Skills
  • Expanding Networking & Collaboration
  • Empowering Professional Development

All within an environment of fun and camaraderie.

OCMMA User Groups

OCMMA is the non-profit sponsor and umbrella organization for 2 officially sponsored Adobe User Groups. These groups are separated into different areas of multimedia: Web—Video Crossroads covers the tech, creativity, and business of multimedia and Digital Video/After Effects Abuser Group handles video tech, process, and editing. We raffle off one-year memberships of Adobe Creative Cloud twice per year, per user group.

Recent Posts


Digital Media Creatives:

NEW INCOME STREAM – FREE ADMISSION – FREE ONE-YEAR MEMBERSHIP Becoming an Adobe Stock Contributor $$$ Mike McGready and Ivan Taylor will introduce us to a new money making opportunity as a contributor to Adobe Stock. Both talented Amateurs and Pros may participate. Effortless Creation Using Adobe Spark They will also explore a relatively new … Read more


Web – Video Crossroads: What’s New? PART II

Adobe aims to make the life of Creatives more simple, productive and satisfying! They’ve delivered new versions of nearly all their products last month. Web – Video Crossroads is going to devote the evening on the most interesting enhancements in Premiere Pro. Ivan Taylor will demonstrate some really useful tools like:   Premiere Pro 2015.3 … Read more



JOIN OCMMA and 6 Other OC Professional Orgs For the Annual ALL-MEDIA BBQ Mixer on THURSDAY, Aug 11th! Creative, Production Tech, Performer, Admin, Advertising, Web: … Whatever you do you need to network to keep your business vibrant and lay groundwork for the future. What better way to do that than by connecting with old … Read more


Web – Video Crossroads: What’s New PS, Pr?

July 19, 2016, Web – Video Crossroad Meeting Adobe delivered new versions of nearly all their products last month. Web – Video Crossroads is going to devote the evening to the HOTTEST enhancements in Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Mike McGready will demonstrate some really needed tools like: Photoshop 2015.5 Match Font: Analyze fonts in an … Read more


Twitch Streaming Service: Media Arts Learning Opps!

We are going to look at a new Twitch, the one that is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. But we are not going to look at it for its gaming prowess, we are going to look at its delivery of content to inspire us. Taking a look at Adobe’s Twitch … Read more


Field Trippin’ to Hollywood!

S P E C I A L   F I E L D   T R I P   TO   D M A L A DMALA PRESENTS : CREATIVE DISCUSSIONS WITH VICTORIA NECE (After Effect Professional) / AL MOONEY (Adobe’s Premiere Pro Creator) / TIM KURKOSKI (Pro Video Quality Engineer) & SPECIAL GUEST ADOBE’S … Read more


Planning and Shooting 360° Video

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality expert, Patrick Eleazar of Realidyne, will be presenting the latest and greatest in 360° video! Patrick will discuss his approach to successfully planning for and shooting amazing looking 360° video. 360° camera rig, VR demos, and post production applications will be showcased. Experiencing the presentation in person will be the only way to … Read more


Adobe’s Most Useful Creation!

For those who missed the latter portion of the Web – Video Crossroads meeting this week, here is what you need to know about a powerful new tool, Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview). Adobe introduced an app that might be the most useful creation in years! If you are a designer of apps, websites or … Read more

Career Expansion

Let’s Call it a CAREER Changing Event!

Meeting: 03-15-2016 “Career Expansion + Photo Art Show + Adobe Xd Experience Design”! Take your career where no one has gone before! Our guest speaker, Bob Nord of Heritage Studios, will show how to evolve your skills, expand your markets and create entirely new products. He has worn more hats than Garth Brooks! His career … Read more


Larry Jordan Negotiating Techniques – Finding Work Event

Not only did we get really valuable techniques to use at our Finding Work Event, the presenters were fabulous, smart and funny. An example of this was part of the presentation from Larry Jordan. He is known internationally as a trainer for Final Cut Pro and Adobe and talked about “Brushing Up Your Job Hunting … Read more