Web – Video Crossroads: What’s New PS, Pr?

July 19, 2016, Web – Video Crossroad Meeting

Adobe delivered new versions of nearly all their products last month. Web – Video Crossroads is going to devote the evening to the HOTTEST enhancements in Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Mike McGready will demonstrate some really needed tools like:

Photoshop 2015.5

Match Font: Analyze fonts in an image to find similar fonts.
Selection and Masking: New dedicated workspace – easily get great results
Content-Aware Crop: Smarter fill for rotating image or expanding canvas using crop tool.
Face-Aware Liquify: Use a slider control to adjust smile, eyes, etc.
Everyday Tasks Accelerated: Opening docs, Content-Aware Fill, Font lists are all faster.
Improved Glyph Panel: Alternate Glyphs.
Adobe Stock: Automatically swap licensed images for watermarked ones in project.

Premiere Pro 2015.3

Create Lightweights Proxies: Switch easily between hi-res and low-res versions for low-performance computers.
Virtual Reality Video Support: Work with equirectangular video within Premiere Pro to edit and export 360° video.
Color made easier: Lumetri refined and enhanced.
Publish Directly to Social Media: Publish from Media Encoder directly to your Facebook or Twitter account.
Create Open Captions: Create open captions so text stays on screen.
Work Natively in High-res Formats: Ongoing support for the latest native file formats including Red Weapon.

Details on our Meetup Page.

Come early (6:30PM) to enjoy snacks, networking, and your favorite “viral” videos.

Adobe Software Raffle

We give away a 12 month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription twice a year! You earn points (tickets) at each meeting toward the raffles. Our raffle for the second half of 2016 will be in November. Raffle tickets are not for sale, they must be earned. First time attendees are not eligible for the drawing so start attending now.