DIgital Video/After Effects Abuser Group

The Digital Video / After Effects Abuser Group brings together presentations on video editing and special effects software, including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe After Effects. Members share their experiences with video taping and using related software tools such as Adobe Photoshop. Camera equipment, both still and video, is also demonstrated and reviewed. Terry Syndergaard is the Manager of this User Group, and Bonnie Erdrich is the Co-Manager. This User Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month. The fee for non-OCMMA members is $10, or $5 for students.



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Digital Video / Adobe After Effects Abuser Group

MEETING POSTPONED - No February meeting

Due to the flurry of activity preparing for our big EVENT, we regretfully postpone the DV-After Effects meeting. Just back from seeing our rooms and the beautiful campus of Fullerton College. Photos on Twitter (ocmma@oc_ocmma)
GoPro Hero 3 raffle! Promises to be a great event.

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Finding Work in Today's Job Market for Freelance Creatives

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See you all at Fullerton College March 7 - 8:30 registration 9 AM start. Set your alarms! You have the rest of your life to sleep in!

Next regular meeting is Tuesday, March 24

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Digital Video / Adobe After Effects Abuser Group
Tuesday, January 27


Bonnie Erdrich & Terry Syndergaard are creating an eBook children's story, with drawings, interactivity, voice-over, and animation. They have created the characters and the storyboard, and are now on to the business of animation.

Bonnie will be demonstrating CrazyTalk software, showing scenes, characters, lip-sync, and animation techniques that CrazyTalk provides. These will be the first steps in animating their story, while learning CrazyTalk, and they will apply the same techniques to the other characters as their project evolves.

For right now you will see how you don't have to be an artist at all, and yet have fun with this program, putting out a nice animation style you can customize to your own preferences.

Come and join us as we kick off the new year having fun with animation, and see what possibilities lie ahead for your visual effects in the new year. RSVP and map on next page,

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Digital Video - After Effects Abuser Group - Tuesday, November 25




CrazyTalk is an amazing software that has turned all the hard work of animation into something that we regular humans can have fun with and create.

Terry Syndergaard and Bonnie Erdrich are testing the waters of the latest animation techniques with the children's eBook that they are producing. They will give you an insider's look at how you can create characters or use photos and turn them into 2D & 3D animation.

That includes the lofty goal of lip sync that CrazyTalk handles beautifully, from either audio or text. Amazingly, it also reacts to the volume and intensity of yelling or the delicacy of whispering, animating your character's expressions and body language accordingly. They even have presets that you can tweak to make them yours. We are excited about the possibilities that are within our reach to learn and create with this refined technology.


Terry Syndergaard will be showing how frequency separation will change the way you fix photos. More tips and tricks follow.


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Digital Video - After Effects Abuser Group - Tuesday, October 28


William Joyce, famous children's book author, tells of his journey to win for short animated film in 2012.

Bonnie Erdrich, Co-Manager of our After Effects Abuser Group, traveled to Abilene this summer for "The Children's Art & Literacy Festival". It featured William Joyce and his work being honored with readings of his storybooks, his movies, unveiling of six bronze sculptures of his storybook characters, character costume contest and parade, followed by his presentation of his journey to Oscar.

That presentation was so spectacular with his sense of humor, humility and storytelling skills, that Bonnie requested a copy to show at our meeting on October 28th. Be prepared to be amused, entertained, and moved by him and his team's humility and excitement as being first time winners.

Named by Newsweek Magazine as "One of the 100 people to watch in the new millennium", Joyce has been heavily involved in the world of digital animation from its full-scale inception at Pixar Animation. His projects have been produced by nearly every major film studio including Disney, Twentieth Century Fox and Dream Works Animation.

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DV-After Effects Abuser Group

Tuesday, September 23

From Photo to Character: Designing for Animation & ePub
Crowdfunding: Getting Money for Your Pet Projects

Terry Syndergaard will be showing how he uses photo reference as the basis for cartoon characters to animate and illustrate the ePub, "Willow's Big Adventure", a charming children's story that he and Bonnie are producing.
Issues to consider - Drawing is Thinking, "It ain't all in the wrist."
Considerations - what will the person drawn think of these exaggerations?
Proportion - what to look for to make cartoon engaging
Comparison to an "average" face, and what makes the subject interesting to look at.
In a later program we will show turning these characters into very convincing 3D by using Mettle's FreeForm plug-in for After Effects.

Part Two: Crowd Funding: Getting Money For Your Pet Projects

Bonnie Erdrich has been researching websites that offer world wide successful Crowd Funding.
She will present:
• The the most common mistakes people make getting their project funded
• How to attract attention for your project
• Getting the audience excited
• Keeping up the the enthusiasm over the length of your funding process.


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Time: 6:30-9:00 p.m.
Location: NOCCCD School of Continuing Education, Room 132
1830 W. Romneya Drive
Anaheim, CA 92801


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