General Meeting/Creative Cloud User Group

The General Meeting of OCMMA meets every third Tuesday of the month, in concert with the Creative Cloud User Group - Orange County (CC-OC). The goal of this official Adobe sponsored group is to provide local designers and developers with a forum for learning from speakers and from each other about how best to leverage the power of Adobe applications in their business workflows.

Our meetings feature presentations by Adobe specialists, business entrepreneurs, camera and hardware pro's, and others. Topics include trends in multimedia, and demos of Adobe Creative Cloud applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and others. We also have discussions about best business practices for web technology and the digital arts, especially for those multimedia professionals who are developing their own enterprises. Topics are selected to have broad appeal across the various multimedia disciplines.

From time to time, the Creative Cloud User Group will also organize larger workshops and/or special presentations, offering more in-depth training in selected Creative Cloud applications. In these sessions, the focus will be on ways to streamline your workflow and jump back and forth among apps to get your work done.

Cynthia Gordon, who is the current President of OCMMA, is the Manager of CC-OC, and Virginia Houts is the Co-Manager.


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Muse'ing with Mobile and More


General Meeting/Creative Suite User Group - Tuesday, March 19


Adobe Muse has had a couple of great updates since we last looked in on this creative-friendly web design tool. At this meeting Cynthia Gordon will lead a discussion about some of those updates and take a close look at several functions. Most exciting is the ability you now have to design alternate layouts for the desktop, tablet, and smart phone devices within Muse. Muse does much of the heavy lifting for you, so that you can focus on creating just the look and feel of the web site you want.

Because navigation is a foundation for any web site design, Cynthia will also be showing how easy it is to develop menus within Muse through the use of the Widget Gallery.


And, just for inspiration, we'll take a look at a few cool, Muse-designed websites, which are becoming more common as the creative community embraces this great application. Plus we'll see where to find some very helpful resources, so you can continue to explore Muse on your own.

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Making A Photoshop Slideshow & Videos...Photoshop Can Do That?

General Meeting/Creative Suite User Group - Tuesday, February 19

As we all know, Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful image editing program, but did you know that you can also use it to add motion to your still images? In this training session, our own Ivan Taylor will demonstrate the steps involved in creating a compelling photo portfolio, adding motion and interest to your still photos. You will see how to arrange your sequence, adjust timing, and select transitions.

In addition, if your camera shoots video, you can import it into Photoshop. By using some of the powerful tools that are part of Photoshop, you can create simple edits to the video. After editing, you can color correct, add audio, and add titles to your video. Finally, Ivan will show how you can render the final version and choose from among multiple options for exporting your file.

Once the video is completed, see how to upload it to your web site, Vimeo, YouTube or another location on the Internet, and how you can use the video as part of your marketing strategy for your business.

At the end of the session, you'll be able to say with confidence that "Photoshop Can Do That!"



About Ivan






For over 25 years, Ivan has provided instructional and technical support for thousands of students, faculty and staff in K-12 and Higher Ed (graduate school) environments. He has delivered presentations at national and international conferences focusing on multimedia use in education, instructional technology and user support.

Additionally, as an educator, he has created and designed multiple online learning sites and CD/DVD compilation discs.

Also, Ivan is an expert video editor focusing on SMB (small to medium business) marketing plans. He designs sports compilation projects and is a podcast producer. To contact him, send an email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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Power Tools for the Web - Edge Tools and Services & OCMMA Board Election

General Meeting/Creative Suite User Group - Tuesday, January 15

For those of you who attended our Adobe CS6 Launch Camp back in June, you'll remember that Adobe Community Professional Chris Griffith presented at an afternoon session about mobile development. So for our first meeting of the new year, we're bringing Chris back to tell us more!

It feels like the online world is changing almost daily, thanks to new web technologies and the proliferation of devices and internet connections. So how can you stay on top of these new technologies and create compelling content for this new, modern web?

Adobe allows you to stay in the forefront by launching Adobe Edge Tools & Services. In this session, Chris will demonstrate all you need to know about these powerful new tools and services. Everything from Edge Animate, Edge Code, Edge Inspect, to PhoneGap Build, and even a sneak of Edge Reflow, among many others.

About Chris

Chris is a Staff Engineer in the User Experience group at Qualcomm, Inc. and has over 15 years experience developing a wide range of prototypes for a variety of clients. He is currently working with the full spectrum of the Flash Platform from mobile devices to web/desktop.

He shares his knowledge with other web professionals as the manager of the San Diego Flash User Group and the Flash Catalyst Community Lead for Adobe Systems, Inc, as well as an Adobe Community Professional. Chris is regularly invited to speak at conferences such as Adobe MAX, 360Flex, D2WC, and various user groups.

Chris is also involved with the National Science Foundation's National Science Digital Library project. He recently developed several iPhone applications. He writes for and O'Reilly's InsideRIA. When not coding, Chris is either spending time with my family or sea kayaking.



OCMMA Board Election


As required by our Bylaws, we will also have our election for members of the OCMMA Board of Directors at this meeting.

In order to vote you do need to be an annual member.



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Member Showcase and Adobe Software Raffle!

General Meeting/Creative Suite User Group - Tuesday, November 13 (Special Date due to Thanksgiving Holiday)









It's that time again...time for you to share what you've been working on, whether for work or just for fun. Please consider stepping up to the front of the room and showing us your latest website, graphic design, illustration, or movie. If you'd like to participate, please contact Cynthia Gordon or Virginia Houts through our Meetup site.


Adobe Software Raffle!



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Uncovering Your Own Tips, Tricks, and Secrets in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator

General Meeting/ Creative Suite User Group - Tuesday, October 16 (Please Note: Presentation will begin at 6:30 PM)

For our October meeting, we're going to welcome our speaker over Adobe Connect. That's right, we're "biting the bullet" and trying out another way to have stimulating presentations. Jeff Witchel will be joining us live from New Jersey to offer his take on uncovering timesaving methods in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

Following is an outline of his talk:

- Using the logic of applications to uncover undocumented tips.

- If it works in one application, it could work in another.

- Who knows what you'll find just "playing" with an application?

- Happy accidents!

- Tough questions that lead to unheard-of answers.

He will share the techniques he's used for nearly five years, and will explain how you can use the same techniques to find your own tips, tricks, secrets, and workarounds.

In addition, in celebration of Adobe Illustrator's 25th Anniversary (yes, it's older than Photoshop!), Jeff will also have some fun discussing what it was like working in very early versions of the application.


About Jeff Witchel

Jeff Witchel graduated from Pratt Institute in 1973 with a B.F.A. in Advertising Design and Visual Communications. He has been an award-winning advertising art director, writer, designer, illustrator, and TV producer ever since. Jeff built his career at top New York ad agencies such as Young & Rubicam, Grey Advertising, and Wells, Rich, Greene. He's created award-winning work for many clients, including AT&T, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Jell-O Pudding, The Plaza Hotel, and Pfizer. His many prestigious awards include N.Y. Art Directors Club Gold Award, One Show Gold Award, N.J. Art Directors Club Award, multiple Andy Awards, Graphis Annual, numerous readership awards, plus an Emmy Award nomination.

Jeff is a self-taught computer artist with over 25 years of experience. Having arrived on the desktop publishing scene so early, he became the “go to” guy for answers when others started getting into computer graphics. Today Jeff is an Adobe Certified Instructor for Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe InDesign CS5, and Digital Publishing Suite, with training clients throughout the USA.

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Time: Food and networking 6:00 p.m.
Meeting: 6:30-9:00 p.m. 
Location: Digital Media Center
1300 South Bristol Street 
Santa Ana, CA 92704


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