General Meeting/Creative Cloud User Group

The General Meeting of OCMMA meets every third Tuesday of the month, in concert with the Creative Cloud User Group - Orange County (CC-OC). The goal of this official Adobe sponsored group is to provide local designers and developers with a forum for learning from speakers and from each other about how best to leverage the power of Adobe applications in their business workflows.

Our meetings feature presentations by Adobe specialists, business entrepreneurs, camera and hardware pro's, and others. Topics include trends in multimedia, and demos of Adobe Creative Cloud applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and others. We also have discussions about best business practices for web technology and the digital arts, especially for those multimedia professionals who are developing their own enterprises. Topics are selected to have broad appeal across the various multimedia disciplines.

From time to time, the Creative Cloud User Group will also organize larger workshops and/or special presentations, offering more in-depth training in selected Creative Cloud applications. In these sessions, the focus will be on ways to streamline your workflow and jump back and forth among apps to get your work done.

Cynthia Gordon, who is the current President of OCMMA, is the Manager of CC-OC, and Virginia Houts is the Co-Manager.


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Member Showcase and Adobe Software Raffle!

General Meeting/Creative Suite User Group - Tuesday, June 19

Yes, we're still having our regular June meeting!

Member Showcase

It's time for all of you to "strut your stuff"! Think about that difficult project you just delivered to a client, or a new web site, illustration, movie, or other creative content you're working on. Then consider how you can "wow" your colleagues with what you've accomplished! Let's share our latest creations. And in the process we'll learn about particular challenges faced, how problems were solved, and what the creators learned.

We have a great deal of talent in our group, so let's show it off. This Member Showcase is open to all! If you'd like to present, please contact Cynthia Gordon or Virginia Houts through our Meetup site.

Adobe Software Raffle!

We will also be raffling off an Adobe CS6 Software Bundle of the winner's choice with a value of up to $2,100. CS6 is a terrific new release, with many new features, improved performance, and a whole new look to the user interface for some of the applications.

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Introducing CS6! New Features in Photoshop and Illustrator

General Meeting/Creative Suite User Group - Tuesday, May 15

Adobe Creative Suite 6 is now available and shipping out! Offering tons of new features, along with a new look to the user interface, CS6 will help you move even more efficiently from creative idea to content development to distribution through traditional websites as well as on smart phones and tablets. There's so much exciting stuff to talk about, but for our May meeting, Cynthia Gordon and Virginia Houts are going to focus on some of the new features in Photoshop and Illustrator. Topics to be covered include:


  • Content Aware Patch and Content Aware Move
  • Simplified 3D graphics creation
  • A few "Just do it!" features requested by Adobe community designers, such as vector layers, snap to pixel, and layer search
  • Crop tool: with new overlays and presets, the most used tool in PS has been completely overhauled
  • Blur Gallery
  • Variable stroke: create a stroke and modify the thickness
  • Applying a gradient to a stroke
  • Using the new features in Live Trace
  • Creating a pattern
Come join us to see what all the buzz is about!

OCMMA is partnering with Adobe Systems, the Adobe Technology Exchange, and the South County Photo Club to host a Creative Suite 6 Launch Event in Long Beach. More details coming soon!
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Lightroom vs. Photoshop & Wacom Tablet Basics

General Meeting/Creative Suite User Group - Tuesday, April 17

Have you ever wondered about when to use Lightroom or Photoshop? Or is a tablet better than a mouse?

At our meeting this month, we'll welcome Lynette Kent, who will discuss the benefits and strengths of Lightroom vs Photoshop, when to use which, and who will get the most out of each program.

She will also demonstrate the Wacom tablet and how to make it your only input device.


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Adobe Touch Apps Workshop

General Meeting/Creative Suite User Group - Tuesday, March 20

FREE ADMISSION! FREE REFRESHMENTS! Courtesy of Adobe and the Orange County Digital Media Center. RSVP on Eventbrite. You don't want to miss this very special meeting!

OCMMA is proud to partner with Adobe Systems as we showcase the exciting new Touch Apps for tablets. Adobe has released a fabulous new set of six tablet apps to unleash your creativity, using your finger or a stylus.

We will be showcasing the fabulous new "Touch Apps" - a series of Adobe apps designed specifically for tablets. Learn more about the Adobe touch Apps here.

Our presenter will be Sally Cox, Adobe Certified Instructor. Sally travels the globe teaching people about Adobe software and she loves to share her excitement about the Touch Tools! Learn more about Sally at her website,

We'll have extra tablets on hand so you can try out the tools! And....Aaron Houston from Adobe will be there as well, to answer your questions.

SPECIAL LOCATION: Fullerton College, Building 200 (second floor), Rooms 224/226/228. Click here for a Fullerton Campus Map.

RSVP: Please RSVP through Eventbrite, as space is limited, and we need to have a head count for refreshments! RSVP Deadline is Friday, March 16.

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Back to Basics with Photoshop and InDesign

General Meeting/Creative Suite User Group - Tuesday, February 21

At our meeting last month, we surveyed our attendees to find out what topics folks are most interested in. Not surprisingly, many responded that they wanted to learn more about Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, two very powerful software programs with uses across the web and print industries. So we thought we would take some time at this month's meeting to review several basic tips and techniques for these applications. We'll focus on what's most relevant for designing for the web, and in particular, for mobile devices. Topics to be covered include:

Photoshop - Cynthia Gordon

  • Image Size: the all important number of pixels in width and height, and how to plan for different devices
  • Image File Type: gif, png, jpeg: when to use which one, what are the differences, using the Save for Web and Devices window
  • Color Management: using Kuler from within Photoshop, working with swatches, grabbing color from the web
  • Design Issues for Mobile Websites: what to consider in designing user interfaces
InDesign - Virginia Houts
At our last meeting, we "broke" connections in an InDesign file by changing paragraph styles on the fly. This time we will cover the basics of paragraph and character styles as they export to ePUB's. We will also demonstrate how creating a table of contents is made easy by using paragraph styles.


OCMMA is proud to partner with Adobe Systems to showcase the exciting new Touch Apps for tablets. This Special Event will be held at Fullerton College from 6 to 9 pm. More details coming soon!

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Time: Food and networking 6:00 p.m.
Meeting: 6:30-9:00 p.m. 
Location: Digital Media Center
1300 South Bristol Street 
Santa Ana, CA 92704


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