Digital Media Creatives: 3D Tricks

Digital Media Creatives: Adobe Animate CC 3D Tricks

April 25th Meeting

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Feature Program: Adobe Animate CC 3D Tricks

Digital Media Creatives: 3D Tricks

Larry Stimson, President of SoCalMedia Pros, will give a presentation to our OCMMA group. He recently re-created the SoCalMedia Pro animated title page for their videos and is planning to make a tutorial on it. We will observe that tutorial as a “live” presentation.

It’s customary to make animated titles in After Effects. But Larry has been creating animations in Flash for well over 15 years. So he thought he would recreate one of his favorite animations, the spinning disk. He originally created it as a SWF file and later as an FLV video. However, with Adobe Animate CC, you can now export your animations, not only as a .mov file but an .MP4 file, too.

Animate CC now has a 3D tool (and Flash CC does as well). But if you played around with Flash for any length of time, you probably discovered that you could simulate a rotation around an imaginary X, Y, an Z axis using other tools.

Anyway, it’s a fun animation and he’ll be happy to demonstrate the 3D tool as well.

Keeping Up with the Technology Wave

Ivan Taylor, the President of the Orange County MultiMedia Association (OCMMA) and long-time OCMMA Board Member, lead of team of creatives who make sure each of our meetings help you achieve your goals and to keep up with the technology wave.


Ivan Taylor, Manager — Mike McGready, Co-manager

Digital Media Creatives meets on the FOURTH TUESDAY of every month. It is the OCMMA General Meeting. The fee for Orange County MultiMedia Association non-members is $10, or $5 for students (DMC students are admitted free).

Come early (6:30PM) to enjoy snacks, networking, and your favorite “viral” videos.