Digital Media Creatives Meeting

Digital Media Creatives: Enhancing Your Media Pro Brand through Vacation Photos

August 22nd Meeting

Feature Program: Enhancing Your Media Pro Brand through Vacation Photos

Digital Media Creatives Meeting

You shot a lot of photos and video this summer! Wherever you post them, Ivan Taylor has some great tips to add to the impact and enjoyment of your images while building your brand as a Media Pro! Really useful!
Plotagraph – Photo Animation Software (Wizardry!)

Ivan Taylor, the President of the Orange County MultiMedia Association (OCMMA) and long-time OCMMA Board Member, will share a photo animation program that will amaze you. It is the kind of program we use in our dreams! It is wizardry!

Hot Tech (in this case: Cold Tech)

Mike McGready will detail Adobe’s July announcement spelling our how the end-of-life process will go for Flash.


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Ivan Taylor, Manager — Mike McGready, Co-manager

Digital Media Creatives meets on the FOURTH TUESDAY of every month. It is the OCMMA General Meeting. The fee for Orange County MultiMedia Association non-members is $10, or $5 for students (DMC students are admitted free).

Come early (6:30PM) to enjoy snacks, networking, and your favorite “viral” videos.