Digital Media Creatives: Adobe Animate CC 3D Tricks

Digital Media Creatives: 3D Tricks

April 25th Meeting RSVP at our Meetup Page. Feature Program: Adobe Animate CC 3D Tricks Larry Stimson, President of SoCalMedia Pros, will give a presentation to our OCMMA group. He recently re-created the SoCalMedia Pro animated title page for their videos and is planning to make a tutorial on it. We will observe that tutorial … Read more

Digital Media Creatives: Media Career Hope and Change

March 28th Meeting RSVP at our Meetup Page. Feature Program: Media Career Hope and Change Media career tips and hopeful assessments of opportunities will be the focus of a discussion led by our group leaders, Ivan Taylor and Mike McGready. Resources shared by Larry Jordan, Sally Cox and Doug Winnie will be the framework for … Read more

Digital Media Creatives: Designing for Hi-Res Screens

OCMMA Digital Creatives

February 28th Meeting RSVP at our Meetup Page. Feature Program: Designing Retina Web Graphics in Photoshop, Illustrator & XD Mike McGready will share hugely valuable techniques for making your web graphics look great regardless of viewing device. He was among a few dozen Adobe creatives from around the world to attend a recent web seminar … Read more

Digital Media Creatives: Adobe CC 2017 Wizardry


Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 One-Year Subscription to be Given Away!

Adobe CC 2017 Has Arrived!

Mike McGready and Ivan Taylor will each demonstrate the most impressive advances of this wizard-like release of Adobe’s software, including:

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Digital Media Creatives:

NEW INCOME STREAM – FREE ADMISSION – FREE ONE-YEAR MEMBERSHIP Becoming an Adobe Stock Contributor $$$ Mike McGready and Ivan Taylor will introduce us to a new money making opportunity as a contributor to Adobe Stock. Both talented Amateurs and Pros may participate. Effortless Creation Using Adobe Spark They will also explore a relatively new … Read more

Web – Video Crossroads: What’s New? PART II

Adobe aims to make the life of Creatives more simple, productive and satisfying! They’ve delivered new versions of nearly all their products last month. Web – Video Crossroads is going to devote the evening on the most interesting enhancements in Premiere Pro. Ivan Taylor will demonstrate some really useful tools like:   Premiere Pro 2015.3 … Read more


JOIN OCMMA and 6 Other OC Professional Orgs For the Annual ALL-MEDIA BBQ Mixer on THURSDAY, Aug 11th! Creative, Production Tech, Performer, Admin, Advertising, Web: … Whatever you do you need to network to keep your business vibrant and lay groundwork for the future. What better way to do that than by connecting with old … Read more

Let’s Call it a CAREER Changing Event!

Career Expansion

Meeting: 03-15-2016 “Career Expansion + Photo Art Show + Adobe Xd Experience Design”! Take your career where no one has gone before! Our guest speaker, Bob Nord of Heritage Studios, will show how to evolve your skills, expand your markets and create entirely new products. He has worn more hats than Garth Brooks! His career … Read more