Member Directory/Showcase

Among those who affiliate themselves with the Orange County MultiMedia Association, OCMMA, are those who elect to become full members. One of the benefits of membership in our Association is the ability to showcase their work here for you to be aware of their specialties. Some members have provided a link to their work below.

If you are a member and would like to be listed here, contact us and we’ll add your information here.

(listed alphabetically, by last name)

Michael Champagne

Web Developer
Interactive design and web development using assorted technologies including WordPress, Visual Studio, JS/Jquery, PHP, ASP.Net for front-end and back-end development. See samples here.

Caprice de Lorm

de Lorm Designs ~ Marketing Outside of the Box
Branding Development & Implementation, Including Print & Websites
Strategic marketing collateral creation, including content, design and layout. Print and web solutions that provide consistent and effective branding (logos, business cards, brochures, websites, etcetera).

Bonnie Erdrich
Visual Effects, Editing, and Animation

Bonnie delights in creating “Celebration Animation,” producing one-of-a kind animated paintings. She edits video and animates her own computer illustrations as well as the beautiful portraits and caricatures painted by Terry Syndergaard.

Together as multimedia professionals, Terry and Bonnie have worked on many fun projects such as creating animated gun blasts and explosions for a WWI documentary “Voices of a Never Ending Dawn,” produced by award-winning filmmaker Pamela Peak.

Cynthia Gordon

Accurate and Engaging Biomedical Communications
MedAnimations creates educational computer animations and illustrations for patients and health care providers. Colorful images are used to describe how the body works, to explain a disease or injury, to inform about treatments, or to provide tips on healthy eating and exercise. Print and web services are available.

Virginia Houts

Virginia Houts is an independent E-Learning professional.

Mike McGready

Album of Life Video Studios
Creative Director and Owner

Cinematic wedding videography as well as all categories of corporate and event video production. Web and mobile development and design with a focus on making website inviting and attractive when browsed on smart phones and tablets.

Terry Syndergaard
Illustration, Visual Effects, and Animation
Terry is a talented multi-media artist, from traditional to digital. His caricatures and illustrations utilize time-lapse video to create entertainment for special events.

His talent for creative solutions is complemented by his ability to find uncommon answers to difficult artistic challenges. (We say, “He’s like a dog with a bone.”)

Ivan Taylor

The Creative Edge which focuses on video, editing, presentation coaching and web design.