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Why join Orange County Multimedia Association? Glad you asked!

Be connected:


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to become an OCMMA member via PayPal.

  • Network with fellow members at up to 2 meetings per month.
  • Have your work/capabilities/industry be promoted by OCMMA.
  • Have your personal or business banner ad posted on the OCMMA web site.
  • Share job/project opportunities.
  • Help each other when needed.
  • Find additional resources to satisfy your clients’ needs.

Be in the know:

  • Be exposed to the full gamut of what’s happening in our dynamic business:
    • Web and mobile app design/programming/commerce.
    • Interactive Game, training and marketing program authoring.
    • 2D & 3D animation.
    • Video/music/audio production and effects.
    • Graphic design & production for print media
  • Raising capital, project management, business planning.
  • Learn of coming industry trends before they impact you.
  • Stay out in front of the New Media technology wave.
  • Learn tips and tricks related to your specialty.
  • Stay up to date with the latest software advances.
  • Get acquainted with other players in the business.

Have fun!

  • Hang out with creative people who love to do what they do.
  • Enjoy entertaining programs each month.
  • Win prizes raffled at various¬†OCMMA meetings!
  • Be wowed by annual special programs.

OCMMA’s Mission

The mission of the Orange County MultiMedia Association is to serve the region’s media arts creative designers, content producers, industry managers, and entrepreneurs by:

  • Promoting members’ products, services and capabilities.
  • Linking companies, customers, enterprise partners, and application specialists
  • Developing strong alliances between the business, education, government, and interactive communities.
  • Educating about the media arts and its evolving tools, technology, resources and market dynamics.
  • Advocating the central role of digital convergence awareness in the emerging knowledge economy.

OCMMA Annual Membership is $100.

(Normally an annual membership is $100. However, the President is currently issuing new memberships for $65.)

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Additional Benefits

We are pleased with the advances OCMMA has made and are passing along the benefits to our members. We now sponsor two groups which meet each month. Each of them is a separate Adobe User Group. They are:

What this means to you:

  • Twice a year for each group, we will raffle off an Adobe Creative Cloud 12-month subscription worth $600. This means you have 4 chances per year to win!
  • Because of the ongoing advances in multimedia technology, having Adobe User Group status gives us an inside track on current and future trends, giving our members a better idea of where to put their time, energy, and money for a more rapid return on investment.

Of course you will still have all the benefits you have come to appreciate about OCMMA such as:

  • Being connected with multimedia professionals for collaboration, networking and problem solving.
  • Being in the know by attending a wide range of multimedia meetings, and getting the answers to your questions, saving precious research time.
  • Having fun by hanging out with creative individuals and attending some of our social events.