After Effects Abuser Group: Front & Rear Projection vs Green Screen

Pros who want to expand and exchange ideas and newbies who want to add production value to their videos will find a gathering of people who love visual effects – pushing pixels to go beyond the commonplace, a club for adventurous explorers — kinda like a treehouse, but with computers.

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Front and Rear Projection vs Green Screen 

This is so cool, we thought you should know about it, and its possibilities!

Examples and discussion
The Tom Cruise movie Oblivion used front screen projection to the best advantage, allowing the projector light to illuminate the actors, wedding them to the scene. Since the set of the Sky Tower was all glass and reflective surfaces, it would have been a nightmare to try removing all that blue screen reflection (blue being used for film, just like green for video, due to film’s differing sensitivity.)

Advantage – Projection. Not having to “fix in post” — no green screen lighting problems, no agonizing over wispy hair disappearing/reappearing in the shot, no green spill suppression (because there is no spill?!) no disappearing nose like Anderson’s Cooper’s disastrous “news report.”

Terry Syndergaard, assisted by the lovely Bonnie Erdrich, co-manager, will show movie examples of the great, natural looking effects, show their own tests and talk about possibilities of what can be done without the big production costs of a major motion picture company.

Discussion & brainstorming on expanding our film-making possibilities to follow.

Please RSVP and join us to see how we can expand what we know as possible in creating a scene for your next movie.
Here is the Adobe Connect link for those too cowardly to appear in person:

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The Digital Video / After Effects Abuser Group has presentations on video editing and special effects software, including, but not limited to, Adobe After Effects, Premiere,  & Final Cut Pro. Terry Syndergaard is the Manager, Bonnie Erdrich, co-manager.

Meeting on the FIRST Tuesday of every month. The fee for non-OCMMA members is $10, or $5 for students.

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