Twitch Streaming Service: Media Arts Learning Opps!


We are going to look at a new Twitch, the one that is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. But we are not going to look at it for its gaming prowess, we are going to look at its delivery of content to inspire us.

Taking a look at Adobe’s Twitch channel, we will see how, as Adobe puts it, we can “watch incredible artists as they create live. Join, chat with the artists, and find inspiration. We’re delighted to spotlight and support amazing creative streamers. Watch art happen – and be part of the creative journey.”

While this immerse environment can lead to inspiration, many of us don’t have 3+ hours to devote to watching and chatting while artists and instructors perform. We will show you how to download and save videos to your computer for viewing at another time allowing you to skip through parts of it.

Also, we will compare a similar platform, Periscope, to see if it delivers the same type of experience.


Finally, if you are a Kanban fanatic, we will demonstrate a personal approach to Kanban. Don’t know what personal Kanban is, think of Trello or the new Microsoft Planner without the internetconnection. Kanban is a visual way to use projectmanagement. We will show you how to get started with your project planning.

Also, our semi annual drawing for a 1 year CC subscription.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Annual Subscription Raffle Tonight!

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