We’ve all had this happen. Something is spontaneously shot and later turns out to be a precious moment in time, and we were not set up to capture the sound correctly. What can you do to have it be as good as possible? In our case it cannot be re-recorded — Terry’s mom has since died. We tried lessening the background chatter with Adobe’s Audition, and it did help slightly. However, with too many conflicting voices on top of the conversation that we wanted to capture, it seemed hopeless for the story to be understood.

Enter Premiere’s Captioning feature to help save the day, making Mom’s joke intelligible, regardless the background chatter, so it could be enjoyed by the audience. We have researched how it works and will give you the benefit of what we have found to make it simple for you to use.

The second part of the evening — Time Remapping. Used to highlight action and heighten the drama, make your ending pay off with the perfect timing that makes a good story. Playing with timing is something that you can use to bring out the fun and drama of a clip, while adding production value.

This demo is 3rd in our continuing series on Adobe’s Creative Cloud Release. Karl Soule’s June 27th presentation covered everything new in video and visual effects from the Creative Cloud Software.

We are taking those lessons more in depth over the rest of 2017, so that we all can reinforce our learning.
Here are the sessions we’ve covered so far:
Aug. • Shortening & lengthening prerecorded music with Adobe’s Audition – And – Terry’s Better Audio For Your Video breakthrough using a cell phone with a cheap lavaliere mic
Sep. • We explored creative titling in the “Essential Graphics Panel,” now in Premiere Pro & After Effects.
Oct. • We will continue the training with Adobe’s Captioning, for clarifying foreign accents or flawed audio, as well as having some fun playing around with timing for dramatic video effects.

Pros who want to expand and exchange ideas and newbies who want to add production value to their videos will find a gathering of people who love visual effects – pushing pixels to go beyond – a club for adventurous explorers — kinda like a treehouse, but with computers.

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