Orange County Multimedia Association
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Digital Video / After Effects Abuser Group
Tuesday, October 6

Digital media Center, 1300 S. Bristol St., Santa Ana
Just north of Edinger at Wilshire Ave.

Ever get a dreaded call from a client who wants to change "just one or two little things" on the hundreds of photos you've already sent them? Enter the wonderful life-saving techniques of Photoshop Actions and Batch Actions to save your sanity and, maybe, your client.
Terry Syndergaard has done the research for you, and will reveal the important step he figured out that most tutorials miss or gloss over, and can cause you trouble. Avoid the gotchas, files not saved, and your specified folder choice not being honored with this one trick.
If you've never written (recorded) an action or haven't in a while, he will show you how you can automate many Photoshop processes, and explain clearly, where others may have left you confused. He will also show the flexibility of having batches run automatically or with inserted pauses or stops as you deem necessary to handle any special case files.
Crop, resize, color correct, save as jpeg (or other) to a specified folder without fear of over-writing your originals.
When there are many to do, this can take much of the tedium out of your day.

After Effects vs. Premiere Pro

There are surprising times to use one program over the other. We have figured out the best
times to do that so you don't have to do the research. Although your mileage may vary, and
each case comes with its own challenges, the concepts remain true and relevant.
Reflective product shots and videos require a different tweaking of the knobs and dials than do beauty and "talking heads" interviews. We will show you what characteristics to look out for and what is most important to produce the best result with ease.
Wispy hair requires extra care. We delve into the the recesses of both Keylight and UltraKey for answers so you have the best results in the shortest amount of time.
To the ends of the Earth we boldly go, bringing back big game tips and tricks from the darkest jungles of Internetia and the peaks of Killaman-jaro. It will be a thrill-packed episode, boys and girls. Be there or be square. See ya!

PART TWO - WORKSHOP - Coming November 3
Come to our October meeting to see how to find the best method of lighting and keying, and
the November workshop will give you the practical experience of creating it.

Our November 3rd Meeting will be a workshop. Come and put yourself before the green-screen and into any background. Bring your laptop to try it out, we will provide some background stills or video, or bring your own to use. Amaze your friends and family. Be the first on your block, etc.

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Adobe User Groups

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Digital Video / After Effects Abuser Group

The Digital Video/After Effects Abuser Group brings together presentations on video editing and special effects software. The DV/AE Abuser Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Visit the DV / After Effects Abuser Group page.


July 2015 Note:
Though the following are no longer Adobe User Groups, expect OCMMA's Leadership Team to continue to address your interests through the above meetings or another, yet to be formed.

Creative Suite User Group

The final meeting of The Creative Cloud User Group took place in June of 2015. The Creative Cloud User Group provides educational presentations organized around applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more. The Creative Cloud User Group met jointly with the General Meeting of OCMMA. Visit the Creative Suite User Group page for an amazing archive of past meeting programs.

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